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the adamant podcast

May 29, 2020


this week mikey perry and i talk about everything from biden and bird watchers, covid and conspiracies to riots and relationships. follow us everywhere with @mikeytotheworld, and @karlinpoe. enjoy.

May 26, 2020

this week i talk about karens, birdwatchers, and opinions and how they aren’t transferable. follow me everywhere with @karlinpoe

May 22, 2020

this week i’m joined by the homie mikey perry, and we two talk celebrity couples, tekashi 69, and tall people. then i tell a story about getting caught in the red. follow us everywhere with @mikeytotheworld, and @karlinpoe.

May 15, 2020

this week i return after the loss of my son. i talk a little about it, and then about a couple other things. follow me everywhere with @karlinpoe.