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the adamant podcast

Jul 25, 2016

this week i adamantly play the name game in the worst way ever, plead with the chicago white sox to be good, plunge into bullying 101 and give some advice to craigslist. subscribe, rate and review this podcast every chance you get and then follow me everywhere with @iamadamconnie.

Jul 18, 2016

this week i adamantly re-re-record this episode, look at islamophobia talk about race relations prior to "the o.j. thing", point out some lives that don't matter, compare the black lives matter to susan g komen, name 5 reputable web sites and then i sling some advice to craigslist. (i say other stuff but i...

Jul 11, 2016

this week i adamantly recant a previous message, recap the #blacklivesmatter, #altonsterling, #philandocastile and #dallas5 news cycle, review 'purge: election year', request compassion, talk about doing comedy at a bar right after ucf200, sound stressed, put myself in the shoes of buzzy the boston cabbie, and then,...

Jul 4, 2016

this week i adamantly talk about how to properly hate, the black lives matter movement, race baiting, and jesse williams, tomi lahren, justin timberlake, whoopi goldberg and last and least ernest owens of the huffington post. and then i give some advice to craigslist.