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the adamant podcast

Jun 27, 2016

this week i adamantly, do math, talk about dominating a moment, a social media piece called "removed," lebron, curry, sports and prisons, and then i give a downloader some advice. follow me everywhere with @iamadamconnie.

Jun 20, 2016

this week i adamantly review the kevin hart and dwayne johnson movie, central intellignce, hate the chewbacca mom, ask islam to reel it in and then i let you guys spend five minutes with uncle ryan aka ryan shores aka @ryanshores138. follow me everywhere with @iamadamconnie

Jun 13, 2016

this week i adamantly wish away millennials, talk abt the mass shooting at the gay club in florida, compare the white privileged stanford student who raped to the black burdened vanderbilt student who raped and then i try to understand mercy, humanity and the human condition before i give advise to craigslist. this...

Jun 6, 2016

this week i adamantly r.i.p. muhammad ali, tell parents how 2 parent, advise tippers and get distracted, all while dogs run across hard wood flooring. this episode was recorded in front of a live facebook audience. follow me everywhere with @iamadamconnie.