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the adamant podcast

Oct 20, 2020

this week i talk about upcoming stuff, thinking before i speak, and the lopez fight.

Oct 14, 2020

this week me and mikey are joined by wba champ raquel miller. we three talk about her "pretty beast" clothing line and what it means to be pretty. follow us everywhere with @mikeytotheworld, @ms.raquelmiller, and @karlinpoe.

Oct 12, 2020

this week i talk about how i’m less of a masshole, sensitive masculinity, turning the other cheek, why potus and i don’t have the same audience, and how i got over my abandonment issues.

Oct 7, 2020

this week i recap my summer the best way i know how; stream of thought. enjoy and share.

Sep 8, 2020

this week on the adamant podcast me and mikey chop it up with pastor karla shaw of point loma community presbyterian church. we three talk about following one's calling, and evangelism. enjoy and share.